| March 2nd

I watched the clouds roll in and the sun disappear!! I frantically called these two and asked if they could drive and extra 20 plus minutes to try to avoid the rain… I prayed and maybe panicked a little inside :) Caroline had her makeup and hair perfectly done, and so we were going to get images rain or shine! Thank God, the rain was just misting and we seemed to be able to stay right where the clouds had stopped! I even saw a rainbow right before we started shooting. Tim and Caroline are like oil and vinegar, they are both so unique and stand alone but perfect together! They complement each other and have the perfect mix of fun and seriousness. I’m really excited for their wedding, Caroline I hope you don’t get tired of hearing me say this–but you are going to make a stunning bride!!! I know Tim’s going to be knocked off his feet, and I can tell he already is ;) Tim thanks for being such a good help during your session, I’m excited to see you both for your special day!

  1. Beth Armsheimer

    beautiful couple! I love their clothing choices!.. I wish more of my clients would dress up for engagement pictures! Fab work Danielle! <3


| February 19th

I love these guys!! When met Johnny, I instantly enjoyed his epic sense of humor and his delight in making others happy–his side hug taps and inquisitive look “how are you doing”. And he cares, genuinely and kindly. So needless to say, I was like–”hey why isn’t this fine chap married yet?” ha ha. Well…that’s because Kristie hadn’t come into his world! God has a better plan then any of us, and once I met Kristie I knew she was being perfectly timed and well worth the wait. When I met her at a Christmas party, I secretly approved and had them married already in my head lol. So needless to say, getting to capture these two was a total pleasure. Many blessings to you both, perfect together.


| February 15th

This little country bumkin Texas wedding was a home grown, family designed wedding in their back yard! It was a simple wedding in regard to expense but so so so very rich in love and worship of God–really what a wedding should be about. Not only the frills and beauty of a wedding day to enjoy, but the covenant and union of a marriage before God! Holy and perfect, life long and deep. Naomi and Micah performed a song of worship during their ceremony and the entire congregation of family and guest sang and worshiped with them. I totally got choked up and to date it’s one of my favorite ceremonies I’ve witnessed. You guys, it RAINED all morning during this wedding… that means all the friends and family members that were setting up, were in the chilly cold and not one complained. Then the skies opened and the sun shined right before the ceremony! I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing, but these two sweet peas kept their first kiss for their wedding day! How precious!!!! How perfect and how much more exciting the first kiss was for everyone ha ha. Especially dad, who lead the union and said “you may now kiss your bride” which by the way, took a very long and pause between each word in order to build the pressure. Well speaking of pressure–I’m keeping you from viewing the rest, so I’ll end here and say as always… Enjoy!

  1. Beth Armsheimer

    What cuties!!! SUCH great pictures Danielle! <3