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| December 22nd

These two are a little different, Anthony is a man of few words and deep in thought and Bri is instantly charming and willing to make you feel like her best friend. They both are so welcoming in unique ways and fit like lock and key! I met Anthony first so I was REALLY excited when I heard he got engaged and then ten times more excited when I met Bri. She and I hit it off instantly, she made me laugh and feel like an old friend. Their engagement session was so precious since this was the first time I got to see them interact, again they are just perfect for one another. On their wedding day, they opted to do the first look! Anthony had prepared a few sweet words for Bri before the ceremony, which were so touching and kind. Bri, I hope and know you will cherish those words for your life together. Anthony and Bri, I’m praying for your sweet marriage and thank you SO much for allowing me to document this union as hubby and wife! This was an epic wedding and your first look was my favorite thus far. Many of God’s blessing to you and your family.


| December 5th


| November 14th

It rained ALL day, on and off for Sam and Kyrsten’s wedding day! They were so excited to be married that I don’t think I ever heard them complain once about the weather. Kyrsten wore her dimpled smile perfectly, and Sam patiently awaited seeing his beautiful bride and once he saw her he couldn’t contain his excitement. I loved watching these two interact all day, they may be young but they have this “old soul” feel. Sam’s this cool stealth like personality and Kyrsten can light up a room–ya’ll are perfect for one another and will continue to balance one another’s life out for the better. Thank you for letting me capture your sweet day, here’s to many more rainy days because together you can make it an epic, bright celebration.

Kyrsten not only wore her mother’s vail, but also an heirloom bracelet from her family, I love when brides are able to do this! So precious, so meaningful and so unique.

Sam and Kyrsten wrote vows to one another, which added such a sweet personalized touch to the ceremony, and I thought this was so sweet that he read over the words. This was the backside of his card, how stinking cute!


Kyrsten burrowed her face in her bouquet as soon as she saw Sam down the aisle, the emotion from this point on just sky rocketed! Guest crying, dad making funny comments, parents and families members looking on this joy and pride, and couples holding hands tightly.

Tortillas!!! Everyone tossed tortillas at the first kiss–it was EPIC. I have never seen this before, but I hope I see it again because this was hilarious and perfect.

I love when I capture this moment, the groom checking out his new ring!

These speeches were the best. . . Sam’s brother called him Indian and Kyrsten’s father said he wanted 10 grandchildren–you had to be there. :)

Sam and Grandma! In the photo booth.

Okay, so the picture above was a dance off. Man approaches bride and dances all crazy (sweet dancing skills by the way). . . Husband steps in and claims his sweet wife “she’s mine” all mine. You guys, keep holding each other tight, and love each other deeply.

  1. Suzy Hoke

    What a beautiful wedding❤️ So happy to have been there to witness this special day❤️