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New Website!

| January 2nd

Hello 2018… I’m currently updating my portfolio and website (well my amazing designer Ryan) so please forgive the lag in blog updates and my main website being unavailable.

I’m also updating my logo, to be a bit more feminine and soft, see below. I hope everyone had an amazingly restful New Year!!


| August 24th

Tim and Caroline have been the sweetest and it has been a total blessing to be able to capture their love story! I’ll keep this short, because I think the images of the details and emotion will do its own speaking. During the entire day the energy was wonderful and everyone was calm, thankful and full of joy. Their ceremony was filled with tears and anticipation. I’ll keep some of the tear filled faces for just Tim and Caroline to see, but as you can tell Tim’s face says it all. Keep God first and remember this day you two. Oh and just one more thing, I pretty much wanted to be part of these families, uncles saying blessings, sisters that brought the best receptions speech I’ve heard yet and amazing bouquet grabbing ha. I’m not gong to lie, I laughed and cried along side Caroline and Tim during the reception. But with so much emotion, the dancing (Tim’s solo dance-wowwee) was just as epic. You guys, I hope you can get just a taste of your sweet sweet wedding day again…enjoy.

But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife,a and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. Mark 10:6-9

Thank you so much to all! Venue: Dorene Cisneros of Embassy Suites // Floral and Decor Design: Ms Cardel // DJ: DJ Cheetah Productions // Hair and Makeup: Bluebird Salon // Catering: Raffi’s Catering and Banquet // Co-Photographer: Jeffery San Juan // Bride’s Dress: A Heart’s Desire Suits: Men’s Warehouse // Videographer: Central Coast Videography


| February 15th

This little country bumkin Texas wedding was a home grown, family designed wedding in their back yard! It was a simple wedding in regard to expense but so so so very rich in love and worship of God–really what a wedding should be about. Not only the frills and beauty of a wedding day to enjoy, but the covenant and union of a marriage before God! Holy and perfect, life long and deep. Naomi and Micah performed a song of worship during their ceremony and the entire congregation of family and guest sang and worshiped with them. I totally got choked up and to date it’s one of my favorite ceremonies I’ve witnessed. You guys, it RAINED all morning during this wedding… that means all the friends and family members that were setting up, were in the chilly cold and not one complained. Then the skies opened and the sun shined right before the ceremony! I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing, but these two sweet peas kept their first kiss for their wedding day! How precious!!!! How perfect and how much more exciting the first kiss was for everyone ha ha. Especially dad, who lead the union and said “you may now kiss your bride” which by the way, took a very long and pause between each word in order to build the pressure. Well speaking of pressure–I’m keeping you from viewing the rest, so I’ll end here and say as always… Enjoy!

  1. Beth Armsheimer

    What cuties!!! SUCH great pictures Danielle! <3