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Jackson Family

| August 5th

Connellan Family

| July 5th

Happy 4th of July!!! (The colors are to perfect) God bless you guys and SO excited for your exciting extension to this already adorable family. I had a great time with you guys–thanks for bring the smiles and sweet baby boy face, with those long lashes and the sweet giggle. Can’t wait to meet your little one and prayers for your delivery Yvette!

Pauley Family

| June 26th

I truly love this family-with a Christ like love-not that I could achieve love like Christ-but because we are bonded by Him. This family has been such an encouragement to me by their prayers, by their huge smiles and the kids hugs…my words will fail at how I can express of how thankful I am for them. Not to mention, this is my Pastor and his wife! Amazing biblical teaching, God fearing and passion for the church body! If you want to listen to some awesome messages, click HERE If you know this family, pray for them-for continued strength is doing good, for their BABY on the way and for their continued passion for making Christ known. Love you guys!! Holy hugs ;)