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Kennedy Hunter

| October 21st

Kara is one of those mom’s that’s super creative, fun and gets right back on her feet after JUST having a baby! She has a heart for serving others. My husband and I have been richly spoiled by her and her family’s friendship. And now, welcome Kennedy!! I couldn’t just capture pictures of Kennedy because Kara’s other girls were so excited to be part of the big day. I was looking back at Dev’s first year post HERE and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone… but I’m also so excited to see how Kennedy blossoms into a beautiful sweet little girl, just like her two big sisters! Kara and Seth, congrats again on your little blessings. Love Aunti Danielle and AP.


| November 30th

These two… (Well technically three–baby Owen in the oven!) Anyway, these two! You know how they say you shouldn’t have a favorite child? Well, you really shouldn’t have a favorite client either he he. So I won’t say it, but these guys rolled in my life and have taken my little heart captive. They are sweet, kind and have a southern accent to top it off! Oh and they are adorable inside and out. Lovers of God. They talk to each other like a love story movie scene, giggle at each other in-between snuggling with their pup Max, even when Nathalie says “Drrrrew” when she needs him to be serious-its a heartfelt love. Nathalie and Drew trusted me during this session, even when I said- Yeah lets meet in someone’s back yard! They just went along with me…and coincidentally we shot in one of their favorite towns (which I didn’t know till that day). You guys, if pictures could talk. Oh and they were featured on The Fount Collection!! Check that out HERE

Circle Family

| September 30th

Introducing the circle family!! This session was fun and full, entailing a newly engaged daughter, sweet grandkids that would melt your heart and grandparents that you may not be able to tell are even grandparents!! Although it may have been five years since their last family session these guys connected together in each others arms and were extremely helpful in setting up a beautiful background for the day, not to mention planning the perfect colors to complement one another and the season. So nice meeting everyone and blessings for the future endeavors! Enjoy your sweet families memories.