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| March 31st

I met Chauncey on the soccer field, we didn’t chat much but I instantly knew he was “coooool” and could play play some game! Rebecca! I met her at a military event and she was so so sweet to me and I felt so welcome. I knew them both, before they were married… which for me is always exciting because I get to see the romance bloom before my very eyes. These two are a perfect match, they seem quiet and cool–but they both pack a punch with their personality, smarts and genuine care for others. So when Rebecca emailed me about doing an anniversary session, I was like umm yes please. And THEN when she and I got to chatting about outfits, details and all the other girly things–I was in love ha. I loved how this session literally flowed into a perfect perfect session. Rebecca in addition to her fabulous taste, had a vision.. and by the images you can see ended up better than I imagined! Take a look at these shots of this saucey couple! Oh and what makes it 10 times more epic, this is also where they said “i-do”. <3 You guys, it was a blast doing this--to many many more years of wedding bliss!

Rejoice Always

| January 1st

Circle Family

| September 30th

Introducing the circle family!! This session was fun and full, entailing a newly engaged daughter, sweet grandkids that would melt your heart and grandparents that you may not be able to tell are even grandparents!! Although it may have been five years since their last family session these guys connected together in each others arms and were extremely helpful in setting up a beautiful background for the day, not to mention planning the perfect colors to complement one another and the season. So nice meeting everyone and blessings for the future endeavors! Enjoy your sweet families memories.