about danielle

I want to build beautiful memories– for all my clients, with my images.

I see in pictures!! that’s probably why I love photography..and why my camera is an extension to my life.

I love finding the quirkiness and cuteness in everyone I meet!

I love to make people happy, it is honestly the best payment, complement and fulfillment. Ever.

If we work together-we will probably be friends!

I think I’ve cried at every wedding… the good cry.

I’ve always been more creative then book savvy.

I talk too much, but listen even better.

The Hub won’t let me have coffee after noon… it enhances the talking.

I love people. If people watching was a sport, I’d be a gold medal holder.

I take at least, at LEAST, one image a day… I can’t help it. I just might be obsessed.

I’m an iphone addict. Actually, I love all gadgets that connect me to people, friends, and family… and allows me to be creative.

The Hub, my husband, is the exact opposite of me, like polar opposite.

We have two furry kids, Magnus and Thor.

I’m a Christian who knows and believes I’ve been saved by grace and I am forever thankful.

I’m probably way to positive–the stupidest things make me happy… and I have a hard time remember the bad.

The Hub is probably the most faithful, patient, sexy man I know. Rawr.

I might have ADD, but I’m an amazing multitasker… if I can’t remember where I was going.

I love all things vintage with a modern flair.

I have zero sense of direction! I don’t know what I did before GPS, probably drove around in circles ha!

I’m passionate about my job and I can’t wait to meet you!