| November 30th

These two… (Well technically three–baby Owen in the oven!) Anyway, these two! You know how they say you shouldn’t have a favorite child? Well, you really shouldn’t have a favorite client either he he. So I won’t say it, but these guys rolled in my life and have taken my little heart captive. They are sweet, kind and have a southern accent to top it off! Oh and they are adorable inside and out. Lovers of God. They talk to each other like a love story movie scene, giggle at each other in-between snuggling with their pup Max, even when Nathalie says “Drrrrew” when she needs him to be serious-its a heartfelt love. Nathalie and Drew trusted me during this session, even when I said- Yeah lets meet in someone’s back yard! They just went along with meā€¦and coincidentally we shot in one of their favorite towns (which I didn’t know till that day). You guys, if pictures could talk. Oh and they were featured on The Fount Collection!! Check that out HERE