Ryan + Heather

| April 15th

I just wanted to personally say (again) “congratulations” on your engagement Ryan and Heather!! Ya’ll are so sweet together, and I’m so glad I got to capture your love for one another. I worked with Ryan for a short time, and always thought he was such a nice guy! If you know Ryan, he’s a bit laid backā€¦ Well I say that to say this, when Ryan first called and asked me to photograph their engagement session, I had never heard so much joy and emotion over the phone. I knew Ryan was totally stoked to have found Heather and so excited to be getting married to Heather!! I don’t think I have ever seen him smile this much in person. So of corse this made me thrilled for him and thrilled for Heather, its always such pleasure seeing two people happy and in love. Well this session is bitter sweet, because its one of my last sessions in Colorado. Enjoy. :)

Baby Ezekiel

| March 27th

Zac and Rayne, congratulations on baby Ezekiel!! He seriously is one of THE cutest baby boys I’ve ever laid eyes on. Love him! I’m so excited for you two and Christian. I’m sure Christian is going to be the best big brother!! He is so well behaved, sweet and full of fun. Rayne, I can’t believe these pictures of you were just taken days before your delivery!! You are one hot momma. Zac congrats my friend, and I know you are going to be the neatest (he he) helpful father. You guys are perfect for each other, and I only wish the best for your amazing family. So glad we got to meet up, and if you need a babysitter for the next few days or a cup of sugar-you know where we live :)

  1. Kimberly conteh

    beautiful pictures!!


| March 20th

Lawanda and Erik are so stinking adorable!!! As soon as I met them, I instantly felt like we had known each other for years. Maybe it was the email back and forth about their wedding, or the fact that these two are just so likable! Either way, now that I know them-I’m so excited for them!! I’m so happy to have been able to capture their sweet engagement images, capture their love for one another and I am totally looking forward for their wedding day!!! Lawanda and Erik, again thank you for braving the cold with me and being sprinkled in snowflakes, kisses and killer red shoes! :)

  1. Kimberly conteh

    awesome pictures!

  2. Danielle

    Kimberly, you are so sweet to leave a comment. <3 xo