| October 1st

You guys worked this session, Bri like we chatted about-you can’t tell that you basically ran to this session ha ha… because you look amazing! Anthony, I love the soft kisses you give Bri and I’m so excited for you guys!!!! If ya’ll know Anthony, he’s pretty much one of the coolest dudes. EVERYONE loves him, he’s soft spoken but has a way to make you feel welcomed and listened too. Bri on the other hand is the fire in this relationship-weehoo, she’s spunky and one of those girls that you instantly want to be friends with. Don’t let her small packaged body fool you, she’s a huge adorable personality. Sweet blessings to you both and thank you so much for letting me document these amazing memories!! Necklace puzzle games and all, inside joke ;)


| August 10th

The first time I met these two was at their engagement session! I felt so comfortable with them because they were both so kind! They giggled in each others arms and made a few funny faces at each other… I may or may not have caught a few on camera, ha ha, and they were so sweet with one another. So I totally kept them hostage at one point, because Kyrsten’s hair and outfit perfectly matched the surroundings! And I just couldn’t get enough of them. Come on, look at them, aren’t they just stinking adorable?! Kyrsten’s adorable dimples for days and her beautiful eyes!! Sam’s big ol smile, they make his eyes smile too. Oh and I wanted to get them on a top of a decent sized hill and they didn’t even grumble when we walked in cow unmentionables :) Sam and Kyrsten, I walked away from your session wanting to hang out with ya’ll more–and to get to know your sweet souls even more. I’m SO excited for your wedding, you both are a blessing to me and I can’t wait to see you guys all dressed up and getting MARRIED to one another!! Keep enjoying the planning and one another’s company, making those sweet memories.


| July 2nd

May the Lord richly bless your union, to glorify Him! Congratulations Anthony and Noelle, I’m still excited that you two have become one in Christ. I love reliving your wedding day with all these images, these are just a few, the way Noelle looks into Anthony’s eyes with trust, honor and excitement, and all with a soft spirit. I love when we snuck you away for a sweet first look, Anthony cried tears of joy. I loved how you, Noelle, whispered at least a thousand times “I love you” as you gazed up in total longing eyes. We see why Anthony cried when he first saw you…and cried at the ceremony. His love for you is great, and I’m so thankful to God that I saw the Lord bring you here in the exact time he ordained. This wedding was amazing! Not only because EACH one of your friends was so sweet, but because the love and the passion of both sides of the family–the family runs deep independently so I’m excited to see what it will be like now joined!

Noelle’s details were so pretty, I love this gifted perfume from her sweet sister.

This man, this father, dad, wedding coordinator, leader and husband… He did so much for Noelle and Anthony’s wedding day–it was incredible. He even started to play the guitar as we took images, but I had to snag him for some pictures and I’m so glad I did. I love this kiss.

You may not be able to see from this image, but Anthony was already welling up with tears. Melt hearts.

This is where I lost it, as a friend watching these two become husband and wife. Anthony has a tear hanging from the tip of his sweet nose.

Weehooo! Signed documents.

Many celebrator dances, joy and happiness the entire day.

As happy as the day was, the awesomeness of celebrating the Lord was even more abundant. Anthony and Noelle’s friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) sang Song of Solomon a cappella and it was breath taking.

We snuck away at sunset to capture a few more portraits, and their sweet hugs were priceless. I love that when I was taking a solo shot of Noelle, Anthony stopped for a moment and smiled at her–and then took a cute picture of her with his phone, as a proud husband.

Noelle looking up at her now husband, as he takes a picture of her. Look at her eyes! I love their love for one another.

These TWO, they were epic. Totally helpful, great spirits and pretty funny :)

Congrats to Lawrence and Hailey on your engagement!!

Best DJ ever, who happened to be family–which made the remarks that much sweeter. This was his idea for a “selfie” and it was awesome. He also said, soak up this day and this time because the wedding goes by fast. It sure does, but I love the saying I want a marriage more beautiful then my wedding day. And these two are off to a wonderful start! Love you guys.

  1. Laurie Foster

    These are so beautiful of Noelle and Anthony’s glorious wedding day!! Xoxo

  2. Venesa Salangsang

    Absolutly breathtaking! Could have had a better person capture this special day for my new sister and brother on their wedding day! Just love love love how these turned out!!!

  3. Sarah Cohen

    I love these photos! Danielle you are amazing! This day was so fun and I am so thankful that I got to be a part of it. Noelle and Anthony I am so happy for you both. Looking through these photos is like living the day over again, and what a great day it was! May the Lord continue to bless you in your married life!

  4. Kimberly Pauley

    What a blessing a marriage built upon Christ is! Marriage is a gift from God and is to be taken seriously and nurtured by the Word of God. We are thrilled for the two of you. May the Lord strengthen your marriage daily through the Scriptures. Seek Him first in all your ways. We love you and are always here for you both. To God be the glory! Sincerely, The Pauleys