Devyn’s First Birthday!

| November 11th

I can’t believe Devyn is having her first birthday!!! It seems like yesterday that I was taking pictures of her momma and baby belly!! You can see those adorable pictures HERE and see her awesome sister in action. Devyn is so sweet and warm even at her young age, you can see her demeanor blossom. Kara and Seth, you guys have to best kidos and its a reflection on the time you put into them. Also speaking of you Kara… Kara made this cute little set up happen all while taking care of her family, husband and creative little events. Thanks Hunter family for letting me not only be part of your family events, but letting me capture your life’s memories. Love you guys!! <3

Pumpkin Love

| October 2nd

Last month was the first month I did this, and I LOVE it. So fun, so cute and keeps me having fun with personal projects. If you’d like a picture, just click on the image above and save to iPhone and save as a screensaver. Enjoy! Last months is HERE :)

Jineanne Coderre

| September 30th

I’m so proud of Jineanne for her singing and performing! She’s a power-house packed in this little frame. She’s a true beauty, but this only scratches the surface!! Her heart and manner is so sweet, so comforting and…well just hear her speak and you will fall in love with her voice and big brown eyes and her soft giggle. I love you lil J and I’m excited for the events and competitions you have in your near future, I’ll be cheering loudest at The Star Voice competition :) If you would love to see more of Jineanne visit her site HERE!