| August 3rd

HOME is where your pup is! :) These two new puppy parents are just as adorable are their new puppy! So congrats on parenting-as a puppy mom of two, I know its a challenge…but also so rewarding. Cheerio is adorable, and packs SO much personality in such a tiny cute body. I love his prancing walk, his round adorable head and his abnormally large yawns ha ha. I’ll be keeping up with him on FB, but I’m glad I got to finally meet this little guy. May he bless your life! <3

God Bless America!

| July 4th

May God continue to bless this Nation. Hope everyone had an amazing day, loving on family, relaxing and enjoying the perfect weather. Happy 4th of July!! xo

“Made in USA”

Phillip + Eileen

| June 21st