| January 27th

The plans of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the LORD” -Proverbs 16:1 I literally got to watch these two fall in love with each other! And flirt with each other (sweetly) but totally flirting when passing each other in the halls. It was and is still adorable. I also got to see Miranda wait and wait (patiently) for Anthony to ask her to be his wife! I think this waiting is God’s way of directing our every step–to have us wait on Him and to trust in Him first by being content. I’m not going to lie, after Anthony told me he had been thinking of marriage, I too was waiting forever for him to pop the question!! I think we all were! We all wanted to celebrate what we thought God had answered as a yes. You two, keep placing Him first, glorifying Him with your relationship and keep on flirting! You two are simply adorable, and it was a total pleasure and honor to capture your engagement celebration. I can not wait till your wedding day!!

  1. Britta Lerda-Plog

    My goodness you two! Your love, the affection, the way you hold, smile, and look at each other – it’s all infectious!!! Thank you for sharing your love with all of us! But most importantly thanks for being the model of a godly relationship. So cannot wait for April 16th as you commit your lives together before God and friends!!

    And Danielle, once again you’ve outdone yourself. Truly beautiful!!


| January 23rd

The way Jay looks at Mickyla‚Ķ The way Mickyla giggles at his sweet kisses–You guys I’m so excited to see them on their WEDDING day. I can’t even imagine how excited Jay is going to be when he see his bride! And how beautiful Mickyla will look in her dress. Their details are red roses, and we will be sneaking into more oak tree like the ones below! What a blessing to have capture these sweet images, and that undirected nose sweet kiss from Jay! Thank you both for braving the cold Lompoc air–it was worth it! You both looked stunning, and the glow of the sun was just breathtaking. Thank God for His beauty!


| January 2nd

I”m going to keep this short or else I will get 100% sappy! I love these two. Last year, I was praying for more Christian weddings and meaningful relationships with my clients–not for selfish reason, but because there is no bond stronger than Christ! Anthony and Noelle, I’ve been praying for you two and I will continue to do so-that you put Him first and always look at each other the same way as the last image of this post! :) I pray God continues to bless you with the deeper knowledge of Him, so that you can bless others in your life. I can NOT wait for your wedding day, when two become one. Your relationship is a testimony to your life for Christ and I’m so so thankful you asked me to document this journey, memories and commitment to one another. Love never fails.