| May 18th

Its not often that I actually get to see the seed of a relationship and then the marriage! I knew and met these two when they were just JUST new to dating one another, which I wrote about HERE on their engagement session. So to be a part of the wedding day for a couple that you got to see smitten all the time, made documenting these two sweet souls getting married…epic to say the least! I didn’t want to embarrass Anthony, but there are so many pictures of him looking at Miranda and then giving the camera a genuine huge squinty eye smile. I’ll save those for them, but I hope these few memories make you smile huge squinty eyed as well. Anthony and Miranda may God continue to bless you, your marriage and your relationship with each other to glorify Him.

What’s SO incredibly cute here, Miranda’s mother made this exact face right before she did. I just had to keep this one as momma looks on so proud!

Miranda’s mother placing a beautiful bracelet on her wrist.


Each one of Anthony friends were AWESOME! So kind, great smiles and really supportive guys. I will say, I tried to joke and say “hey do ya’ll want to do something a bit silly”. And without missing a beat they said “no”. One friend said, we are engineers, we don’t do silly. Ha!

Caleb, he was my one groomsman that allowed for a silly shot ;)

Okay, this is where I started to cry and never stopped till we were driving to the reception. Miranda’s girls with her, prayed and as this sweet bride got choked up because she was thanking our Creator–she held back and allowed the girls to close in prayer. I’m glad she did, because just seeing her choke up was tear jerking enough. It was a sweet sweet beginning to an excellent ceremony.

Anthony’s sweet mother wiping away a tear.

Locked eyes and her Husband in the making!!

If ya’ll know Britta, she has the biggest heart EVER and so I thought this was a perfect reflection of her. Always taking care of others, in any capacity.

Oh pastor Scott! His sweet words about Miranda and Anthony’s first impressions on each other-made the congregation roar. Made Miranda, not blush-she just giggled and looked out at everyone. Scott read something to the effect of Miranda’s first impression of Anthony, that he was very attractive and she needed to stay away from him! ha ha… We are all glad she did not and that their friendship budded into what it is today. Thanks be to God.

Mr. and Mrs Braden!!!

Ya’ll EVERYONE should play this game!! Look up the shoe game-it was awesome. Hilarious.

I had the pleasure of receiving one of these family-made popcorns, and it was so good! They made great gifts for their sweet guests.

Anthony had this awesome idea! He asked me to take an image of his watch, the date and time of his wedding day.

Hello, how awesomely cool do you guys look. You rocked this wedding!


| May 5th

By far Jay’s ceremony vow’s were some of the most touching words I have heard from a husband to be, to his sweet bride in the making. They stood there and Jay literally gazed at Mickyla, locked eyes and never took his eyes off her except to laugh. They laughed a lot, they cried some but most of all there was such a family, tight nit wave over the entire day. I left there feeling like part of the family! I left there knowing Mickyla is going to be taken care of by Jay in an extraordinary way! Like he said, as long as Christ is the head of their marriage! Amen. I left there, knowing two families also became one. God is good–all the time.

Jay doesn’t know it, but his smile is one of the best parts of his features! And Mickyla brings this smile out-a lot.

Most of my brides never know how truly beautiful they are!!! Mickyla would be one of those brides, I loved seeing her beauty and even tho (you would never know) she was super excited nervous before the ceremony–I couldn’t help but make her relax and take a few portraits. He smile as well, is a beaming sweetness.

Proud pa looking on. Jay and Mickyla’s parents were wonderful, and it is totally evident that they raised their children well. It made me proud to see Jay’s parents excited to walk him to position to await his future wife!!

EVERYONE hugged Jay–this just felt right. If you meet Jay you would know he has a love for his family and his friends in the amount of 10 men. I think everyone should do this on their wedding day, it was one of the many highlights of the day.

Congrats you two, love ya’ll. May God’s grace be ever present among your marriage. I can’t wait for babies-I’m just sayin’ :)


| January 27th

The plans of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the LORD” -Proverbs 16:1 I literally got to watch these two fall in love with each other! And flirt with each other (sweetly) but totally flirting when passing each other in the halls. It was and is still adorable. I also got to see Miranda wait and wait (patiently) for Anthony to ask her to be his wife! I think this waiting is God’s way of directing our every step–to have us wait on Him and to trust in Him first by being content. I’m not going to lie, after Anthony told me he had been thinking of marriage, I too was waiting forever for him to pop the question!! I think we all were! We all wanted to celebrate what we thought God had answered as a yes. You two, keep placing Him first, glorifying Him with your relationship and keep on flirting! You two are simply adorable, and it was a total pleasure and honor to capture your engagement celebration. I can not wait till your wedding day!!

  1. Britta Lerda-Plog

    My goodness you two! Your love, the affection, the way you hold, smile, and look at each other – it’s all infectious!!! Thank you for sharing your love with all of us! But most importantly thanks for being the model of a godly relationship. So cannot wait for April 16th as you commit your lives together before God and friends!!

    And Danielle, once again you’ve outdone yourself. Truly beautiful!!

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    [...] I knew and meet these two when they were just JUST new to dating one another, which I wrote about HERE on their engagement session. So to be a part of the wedding day for a couple that you got to see [...]