Kennedy Hunter

| October 21st

Kara is one of those mom’s that’s super creative, fun and gets right back on her feet after JUST having a baby! She has a heart for serving others. My husband and I have been richly spoiled by her and her family’s friendship. And now, welcome Kennedy!! I couldn’t just capture pictures of Kennedy because Kara’s other girls were so excited to be part of the big day. I was looking back at Dev’s first year post HERE and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone… but I’m also so excited to see how Kennedy blossoms into a beautiful sweet little girl, just like her two big sisters! Kara and Seth, congrats again on your little blessings. Love Aunti Danielle and AP.


| October 19th

I don’t want to get too sappy, but these two are sorta special. I met Naomi before she met Micah and I remember asking her “so… do you guys (her and her sisters were in my car) want to get married? And unbeknownst to me she said said jokingly “Noooooooo” and then laughed really hard and loud at me, and then we all laughed. Of course she wanted to be married, but she was 100% content with the Lord’s timing. Fast forward and Naomi meets Micah. I should say, end of story because it was pretty much true God directed love for the both of them. I got to hear Micah’s story of how he pursued Naomi and I’d love to repeat it–but I don’t think it would be as precious because it’s not being told in a slow sweet mannered voice-with accent! Micah keeps Naomi calm, and Micah’s face lights up when he holds her. It was like watching a love movie when photographing these two–they are super excited to get married next month! Naomi, I can’t wait till you marry your “Sugar Lump”!


| October 1st

You guys worked this session, Bri like we chatted about-you can’t tell that you basically ran to this session ha ha… because you look amazing! Anthony, I love the soft kisses you give Bri and I’m so excited for you guys!!!! If ya’ll know Anthony, he’s pretty much one of the coolest dudes. EVERYONE loves him, he’s soft spoken but has a way to make you feel welcomed and listened too. Bri on the other hand is the fire in this relationship-weehoo, she’s spunky and one of those girls that you instantly want to be friends with. Don’t let her small packaged body fool you, she’s a huge adorable personality. Sweet blessings to you both and thank you so much for letting me document these amazing memories!! Necklace puzzle games and all, inside joke ;)